Our Cocktail


Entrepreneurship is a new craft which fuels the economy. It empowers people to create new businesses faster and larger than ever before. These businesses solve real problems for people all over the world.

We believe that everyone has the ability to transform ideas into world-changing businesses. They just need the right tools, mindset and methodology to get them there.

The startup organization is one of the greatest forms to make the world a better place. We look for big problems in the world that have technology solutions and test many ideas in parallel. When one shows great potential, we recruit a great team with the right equity incentives and organize them in a startup, spin it off into a company, and help them grow a successful business.

At Waneen, we work with big thinkers to bring their bold ideas to life. We invest in technology companies serving the needs of consumers and enterprises, as well as companies creating disruptive technologies.

We are focused on building successful businesses

We work with entrepreneurs to answer the central question in any market disruption: How big would this opportunity be if we put the right team together with the right resources?

The new team will have a big vision, will structure the company and funding to gear it for smooth growth, they will set hypotheses and methodically check whether they work, and last but not least, they will have passion, perseverance and integrity in the way the work.

Our team helps clear the path for great new businesses to thrive and we work side by side with the entrepreneur and his or her team to help with recruiting, business development, partnering – whatever it takes. We genuinely understand what it takes for a company to succeed.


The combination we are looking for: a great team, with real energy and purpose, and a great idea.

From our experience, we know that to prepare a good cocktail to feed a future unicorn, startups must master the combination of 4 ingredients.

Think BIG

Sometimes it comes in with a flavor of hackers’ culture: the believe that software and data may solve most difficult problems. Sometimes the big vision is a follow-up of gut feeling or a desire to face an existing big problem.

Sometimes the big vision comes through thorough analysis of trends and industries. Whatever. A convincing big vision gives a good frame to build a business.

VC Model

Therefore the classical venture capital model, invented and tested in Silicon Valley and spread around the world, makes sure that the financial structure and governance is geared to growth and success:

Founders are executive directors and they run the company. With each round their stake in the company diminishes but thanks to the market potential and investments the value of their shares grows faster than without investments.

There are many investors in the company — spreading risk and collecting added value make sense. Investors have very broad rights but their decisions are made by majority voting.

All shareholders — founders, team members and investors — are aligned and work towards one goal. It is not control that matters but growth.

Focus, testing, MVP and all of that

Entrepreneurs worked out good practices how to build companies.

Iterations of hypotheses and tests.

Start small, focus, find Product-Market-Fit and scale fast afterwards.

As mentioned above each company is different but respecting good practices such as those above increases chances for success and build trust with investors.

Pro active and ethical

Building startups is not a game of control, it is a game of growth. Therefore founders have to have two features: they have to be hyper-active and they have to be ethical. If either is missing, it will not work.