Co-founder services for entrepreneurs?

¡SURE! But WANEEN also…

In Waneen we want to help you. We are not a common accelerator or incubator. We offer personalized services to all those entrepreneurs who have a viable idea and who want to revolutionize the world. If you are one of them, continue reading about us and if you are 100% sure about yourself, then, send us your PITCH, because the revolution starts right here 🙂

  • Help

    We help entrepreneurs around the world to turn their ideas into profitable businesses.

  • Profitability

    We focus on profitable businesses that have a gorgeous future.

  • We are looking for a team with a great idea

    A great team with true energy and purpose. Must master the combination of the 4 ingredients


Develop your idea with us

  • Make your ideas come true

    Waneen is a co-foundation platform for entrepreneurs and developers who want to make great ideas into reality.

  • Share Talent. Receive Capital

    Different profiles can share their knowledge in exchange for shares in some of the best business ideas in the world


    Our goal is to bring together bright teams and passionate people with mutual interests